March 31, 2023

Platform for beginner traders LGT Platform

Hello. I want to talk about our platform for beginner traders LGT Platform.

Idea of ​​creation platform was born at the moment when I leftfrom work on the cryptocurrency exchange. I then had a clear understanding that 85-90% of novice traders lose their money. Someone less, someone more.
The problem came from two sides: newcomers climbed where it was not worth climbing, and the exchange, by manipulation, robbed money of gullible citizens.

After I left the exchange, I and my partnerlaunched an educational project for novice traders. What does it mean for beginners? These are people who want to try their hand at trading, but they don’t have any knowledge at all. As a rule, they would have acted like this: they had seen enough on various trading videos on YouTube, made a deposit on the exchange and merged 30-40%. Next, they deduced the remainder and went to blow the whole village, that the crypt is a scam.

Now thanks to us and our platform, the beginnerthe trader has the opportunity to gain basic knowledge in trading at the online school and, thanks to the implemented demo trading, hone his skills in the crypto market.
We are not an exchange, we cannot make a deposit and withdraw, but our trading terminal is very similar to the terminals of other exchanges.

LGT Platform is a kind of laying between a novice trader and trading on a real deposit. Plus, a novice trader thanks to us can understand if he really needs trading.

By the way, about demo trading. To make this process more interesting, we implemented a gamification process where traders compete among themselves.
It looks like this:
1. Each new user receives a bonus deposit of $ 50 + game currency (used to pay for trade commissions)
2. Trades a month in one round.
3. Anything above the initial deposit can be withdrawn. For example, I received $ 50, at the end of the month I earned $ 60. 10 $ your earnings and you can withdraw.
4. He won the prize, moved to the league higher and received $ 100 at the beginning of the month. Etc. You can get up to $ 1000, depending on personal success.

We have implemented risk-free trading for novice traders.

The phrase “game currency” flashed through the text. What is it?
LGTE is a game currency, it serves only to pay all trading commissions. Game currency is not traded, it cannot be withdrawn, wound up.
For a beginner, 1LGTE = $ 1 per month is enough.

We are now giving 0.2 LGTE to all new users as a bonus.

More details on the platform for beginners can be found here:

Our main goal is to teach people not to lose their money and cause more confidence in cryptocurrencies.

P.S. Well, so that it would not be completely boring, I will add a video on the topic: How are crypto exchanges deceiving us? All schemes! From a former employee.
As one friend of mine said: The video is interesting, but the situation is terrible.

All good and profit!