June 14, 2021

Petersburg Exchange launched trading in Telegram bonds

Petersburg Exchange launched trading in Telegram bonds

Telegram continues to raise funds from investors to pay off debt and develop the company.

Today, March 26, The St. Petersburg Stock Exchange provided an opportunity for qualified investors to purchase Telegram convertible Eurobonds.

The yield on bonds with a par value of $ 1 thousand is estimated at 6.3% per annum, with T + 2 calculations (the full settlement of the transaction is made only on the 2nd day from the moment of its conclusion).

The clearing and settlement firm MSE Clearing Center acts as the agent for the placement of securities.

A week ago, Telegram Group posted a five-yearcurrency bonds at 7% per annum, with a par value of $ 1,000, with a coupon period of six months. Among the company's largest shareholders are funds from the United Arab Emirates - Mubadala Investment Company and Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners and the Russian direct investment fund (RDIF. The media have already suggested the opening of a Telegram office in Abu Dhabi.

According to the trading results, experts noted that the demand for Telegram bonds was not as impressive as expected.

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