January 27, 2023

Peter Schiff considers BTC pump price increase

Peter Schiff considers BTC pump price increase

Well-known cryptocurrency analyst Peter Schiff said the recent BTC price spike is nothing more than agreed whale currency pumping. According to him, the rise in the price of an asset has nothing to do with China’s desire to integrate and develop the blockchain.

He said:

The recent sharp spike in Bitcoin prices has notconnected with China or some fundamental factor. As for me, such a price movement is most similar to market manipulation by large players. Pumping up a technically weak market, they get the opportunity to earn more on a dump.

According to him, despite the current optimistic mood, the price of BTC will soon begin to adjust.

Recall that on October 26, the BTC price surpassed the $ 10,000 mark. Many experts associated this event with the statement by Chinese President Xi Jinping about the country's new course on the use of blockchain technology.

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