May 21, 2024

Pension funds are ready to invest in bitcoin

The American giant for investing in digital assets Grauscale made the assumption that pension funds and fundsthe management of the target capital is ready to enter the space of the cryptocurrency. This opinion is shared by most of the experts in the Finnish industry.

«We note interest not only from the segmenthedge funds, but also from other organizations, and the amount of funds allocated by them is growing rapidly,” commented the general director of the company, Michael Sonnenshein.

Grascale claims that more than 3% of the world bitcoin (BTC) emission is received for its share, and 10 funds of the company manage assets for $ 25 billion, leaving for another $ 2 million for another year.

Despite this success, the company plans to double the number of its employees and this year to provide half a dozen new products.

“In the coming years, we may see an increase in demand as other insurance companies and pension funds follow the example of MassMutual,” Sonnenschein noted.