December 11, 2023

PeckShield: Hackers stole $211.5 million worth of cryptocurrency

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PeckShield: Hackers stole $211.5 million worth of cryptocurrency

In March, attackers stole $211.5 million worth of cryptocurrency and $10.9 million worth of NFTs, according to data from PeckShield.

The most notable hack occurredfrom the DeFi project Euler Finance ($197 million). Hackers hacked the platform by taking advantage of the vulnerability of the protocol's smart contracts. Euler tried to make a deal with the criminals, offering to return 90% of the stolen funds within the first 24 hours. Conscientious hackers returned $177 million of the $197 million, noting that they intend to return all other Euler funds.

The second largest damage was a hackdecentralized cryptocurrency exchange Safemoon based on the BNB Chain network. The platform was hacked, as a result of which about $9 million was withdrawn from the liquidity pool.

The next attack was on ParaSpace ($5.2 million) and the hacking of the General Bytes ATM ATM network ($1.7 million).

In total, in the first months of the year, $255.8 million worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen. 

In February, according to a report by cybersecurity experts from the company PeckShield, $35.5 million worth of crypto assets were stolen. The largest number of hacks, 141, occurred on February 11. 

In February the United Nationspresented a report to the North Korea Sanctions Committee showing that North Korean hackers stole more crypto assets in 2022 than in any other year. UN analysts have determined that North Korean hackers were responsible for last year's theft of between $630 million and $1 billion in crypto assets after targeting the networks of foreign aerospace and defense companies.