June 25, 2024

Galaxe Digital

Full-page advertisement for Galax Digital, published on Thursday 13 August in the international business newspaper Financial Times UK,proclaims that "it is now time to invest in bitcoin."

Galaxu Digital is an investment bank,Cryptocurrency-based, founded and chaired by bitcoin sidekick and former Goldman Sachs partner Michael Hovogat. His headquarter is located in New York, but has offices in San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New Jersey and the Kaiman Islands.

The General Director of the investment company Grauscale Investments Bappi Silbert, as well as the founder and General Director of the Digital Currency Group (DCG), has won the following ad:

"A large bitcoin ad from Galax Digital came out in FT. I like".

The ad contains a link to Galax Fund, a cryptocurrency subdivision to Galax Digital.

Interestingly, that three days before GrauscaleInvestments ppedctavila cvoy peklamny videopolik o tsifpovyx valyutax in kotopom ppyamo ne upominalcya bitkoyn, Nr pepechiclyalic nazvaniya devyati fondov, ppedlagaemyx kompaniey: Grauscale Bitcoin Trust, Grauscale Bitcoin Cash Trust, Grauscale Ethereum Trust, Grauscale Ethereum Classic Trust, Grauscale Horizen Trust, Grauscale Litecoin Trust , Grayscale Stellar Lumens Trust, Grascale XRP Trust and Grascale Zcash Trust.

On the same day, this ad was criticized by the famous golden beetle Peter Schiff, who is a longtime adversary of bitcoin:

"Your ad is inappropriate. Money appeared in the form of currencies. The gold was money. Then the gold owners issued paper money secured by this gold. The paper was the currency, but the gold that supported it was money. Fiat currency is not provided with anything, like bitcoin".