February 1, 2023

Pavel Durov lost 2,000 bitcoins on the BTC-e crypto exchange (WEX)

Pavel Durov lost 2,000 bitcoins on the BTC-e crypto exchange (WEX)

An interesting turn in the case of the Russian cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e (WEX). The Internet has a database of exchange customers and among them is Pavel Durov. According to these data, which look more than reliable, he lost more than 2,000 BTC.

Durov lost money on WEX

The database contains information abouthow many bitcoins were on the user's account, as well as his email address to which the account is registered. Having studied the database, you can find something interesting - an account on the official mail of Pavel Durov, on which there were as much as 2.070 BTC.

The authenticity of the mailing address does not raise questions. If you look at the contact details of Telegram Messenger LLP, we see the same address: [email protected] It turns out that Pavel Durov lost almost $ 18 million at the current exchange rate after the exchange closed.

Pavel Durov lost 2,000 bitcoins on the BTC-e crypto exchange (WEX)

Which of all this can be concluded?

Obviously, Pavel Durov showed highinterest in cryptocurrencies many years ago, long before the 2017 hype. Even if they won’t be able to determine the exact time of their purchase of bitcoins, all these events took place long before the first rumors about the launch of the Telegram cryptocurrency appeared.

It is noteworthy that Durov himself never publiclyrecognized both the fact of ownership of such a large sum in BTC and the participation in the scandal with BTC-e. Perhaps he does not believe in returning funds to investors, despite such promises from management.

Recall that the BTC-e exchange was closed in 2017 atas a result of the arrest of the servers by the FBI. Later, a new exchange was created based on the platform - WEX, but it was also closed at the end of 2018. American authorities suspect the exchange of laundering $ 4 billion, and the Russian Alexander Vinnik is considered the head of BTC-e. At the moment he has been in a Greek prison for more than two years, the country's authorities are deciding on the extradition to Russia, the United States and France.