March 25, 2023

Parity developers found a bug ahead of Ethereum hard fork

Startup Parity Technologies has released new versions of the client that fix a bug that prevents node synchronization with the main network.

“We reviewed reports that someParity ethereum nodes are not synchronized and assume that an attack may occur at the moment. New releases v2.6.8-beta and v2.5.13-stable protect against it "- wrote the developers, urging users to update the software as soon as possible.

The developer Peter Pratcher noted that several nodes of Parity version 2.5.12 give errors. At the same time, client synchronization is suspended, resuming operation after a restart.

“According to the Etherchain and Etherscan services, the error block is valid.”- added Pratcher.

It is worth emphasizing that less than two days are left before the Muir Glacier hard fork.

Parity developers found a bug ahead of Ethereum hard fork

Data: ethernodes

The total readiness of nodes for updating is 74.6%. At the same time, Geth customers significantly prevail over Parity in the Ethereum network.

Parity developers found a bug ahead of Ethereum hard fork

An update designed to delay activation of the difficulty bomb will be activated on block # 9200000.

A complexity bomb is complementaryAlgorithm Proof-of-Work Ethereum mining complexity control mechanism, exponentially increasing its value every 100,000 blocks. The complexity bomb is also designed to encourage participants in the Ethereum ecosystem to switch to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm.

Ethereum developers previously discussed the possibilitycomplete removal of this mechanism, however, in the end, agreed to postpone it, for which Muir Glacier hard fork will be held. After it, the activation of the complexity bomb will be delayed by 4 million blocks.

Recall that less than a day before the last Istanbul hard fork, the Parity team released an emergency patch, and the overall readiness of the nodes was less than 50%.