April 23, 2024

P2P Bitcoin exchange Hodl Hodl launches its API

Hodl Hodl — global P2P Bitcoin exchange, which does not store user funds, recently introduced itsAn API that already allows you to manage offers.

Hodl Hodl released the first part of the API, which allows you to manage offers from the exchange through the service’s software interface, more functionality will be available in a few weeks.

In a blog post, the company mentions that this allows each user to manage offers on the Hodl Hodl:

  • Search for public offers with filtering by attributes;
  • Receive recently created offers;
  • Create new offers;
  • Modify and update existing offers;

Also, get the following information:

  • List of countries;
  • List of all currencies supported by the exchange;
  • List of all payment methods supported by the exchange.

The company believes that there are manythe possibilities of using their API, including the implementation of Hodl Hodl in cryptocurrency wallets, offering a site aggregator and automation of the trading process for regular P2P transactions. Integration with BlueWallet and Yadio is in the process.

A couple of months ago, Hodl Hodl also announcedescrow API, which allows you to create a service that uses Bitcoin escrow or escrow network Lightning, without the need to know the protocol of Bitcoin or Lightning network, without the need to hire Bitcoin or Lightning developers, and without the need to update or test the service for vulnerabilities. The only necessary action is to integrate the simple API provided by Hodl Hodl.

Hodl Hodl is a global P2P Bitcoin exchange,founded in 2018. For each transaction, the exchange generates a unique multisig escrow address on the Bitcoin blockchain, where the seller blocks funds, then the buyer sends a fiat to the seller, according to a pre-agreed payment method. Further, the seller confirms that he received the payment and withdraws funds from escrow directly to the buyer's wallet.