September 26, 2022

Overview of little by little. Betok ruble.

apparently betok grew, no matter what you write, archi, 7100 had to be bought, despite the fact that it flew to 6500.
but the indicator showed that 6500 should be bought, it worked well at this point.
so don’t need sracha around the fact that sometimes you need to hold. more or less forecasts are successful.

the dollar as always fell to such a state that it became worth 64.3 it will be possible to buy it if they give it on December 10 at the last salary of 65 or 64.55.
will such a price suit you? I may buy or wait. but I’ll buy a little up to a round sum.
if the ruble is fortress up to 30-32, then I risk losing half. therefore, I will risk small, the chance to go down to level 28 with a needle is very large, I argue

Russia rises from kalen,
the economy is growing and swelling, imports are stopped,
salaries fall, and races fall, then there’s nothing to buy, therefore he is ours, a victorious fortress with an absolute zero in 1920 of two million rubles per dollar.
it was that devaluin that was enough for the scoop to burst,
much hodovka, however!

on the advice that I found out, the main thing is that any system where there is a production of goods and their purchase is doomed to slide into capitalism, as we saw, argue with this argument, thisby law so. disprove the law, I’m thinking that any under-Communism is obliged to slide into capitalism, if it has at least some possibility of buying and selling goods for money (services are also goods).

you know my positions, I’ve almost deduced everything,
and the ruble strengthened from 62.49 to 64.30 due to the active purchase by its population.
Already, like, new banknotes are over, they are offering 2006 or whatever year.
Is the sheep worth the exposure?
I do not know.

I think about opening a deposit in foreign currency, discourage, because the income from the deposit will partially cover the loss on servicing the card in dallars.
or butter on the stock exchange, but I think there is already earned. huge contribution 1.75%

if the ruble is fortress up to 60 kopecks or 2 dollars per ruble, the loss will be hoo, and I will be just ashamed to keep such deposits.