November 27, 2022

Over the past 12 months, the Bitcoin rate has increased by 128%

Over the past 12 months, the Bitcoin rate has increased by 128%

At the height of the cryptozyme on December 15, 2018, the bitcoin exchange rate reached its minimum of $ 3,120, but over the past year its value has more than doubled.

At the time of publication, the price of military-technical cooperation fluctuates around $ 7113, which is 128% higher than exactly 12 months ago.

After last year’s November collapse, the courseBitcoin has reached its zenith in the last few years, and over the course of 3.5 months its value has moved in the range of $ 3300- $ 4200. This period, called cryptozyme, lasted until April 2, when the price jumped sharply by more than 20% to $ 5100. Bullish breakout lasted until May, when Bitcoin reached $ 9,000, but then against the background of overbought, it dropped to $ 7,500.

Further rollback prevented Facebook announcement aboutplans to launch its own stablecoin secured by fiat, which caused a stir and allowed the bulls to raise the price up to $ 13800 in two weeks. However, the subsequent regulatory pressure on Libra, as well as the sluggish start of Bakkt's long-awaited supply futures, cooled the fuse of the market, and by the end of October, the PTS returned to the $ 7500 level.

Over the past 12 months, the Bitcoin rate has increased by 128%

Although during this period, Bitcoin did not establish newabsolute records, but not every traditional asset boasts an annual growth of 120%. In addition, in May 2020, a halving will take place, as a result of which the remuneration of miners will be halved. Analysts predict different values ​​for future prices, but they all expect significant growth due to a deficit and increased costs for the extraction of one coin.

Regarding the immediate prospects, so far onBears dominate the market and the chart looks heavy, which can be seen in the downward channel with wave-like fluctuations. If in the near future there is no incentive sufficient to jump above $ 7800, then the bears will continue to pressure until testing the support level in the region of $ 6500.