March 23, 2023

Over 10 million BTC did not move in 2019

Over 10 million BTC did not move in 2019

The total number of bitcoins that did not change hands for more than a year exceeded 10 million.

10.7 million bitcoins did not move from their addresses over the past year, proving that the holders were not ready to sell either at the bottom of 2019 or at its highs.

Experts view this fact as a signalhigh confidence regarding the first cryptocurrency. The holding community prefers to build long-term plans rather than seeking short-term benefits.

A large number of bitcoins remainedinactive because investors expect a significant increase in prices after a reduction in mining fees in May. However, in the event that their hopes of a price increase are not realized, holders may begin to throw off their stocks of assets.

Given that the total number of MTC in circulation is 18.14 million, almost 60 percent of the coins remained inactive, and only 40 percent participated in the pricing of 2019.

In addition, the total number of PTS addresses with a positive balance reached a record high of 28.39 million. 8 million addresses store more than $ 100, and 2% of addresses control about 80% of bitcoin capitalization.