Jul 3, 2022

Our norm. All according to plan.

Well, what managed to close the bitcoin short with a yield of 1.2%
Our norm. All according to plan.

The norm is met, then you can do nothing further.
The norm of 1.5-2% per day is real.
All transactions must be in +.

The transaction is open based on the indicator.
Now I looked that at five minutes, ten is already a shopping area and I think that's enough.
1.2% is also not bad.

At 30 minutes there is space for shorts, but I'm unsure of this movement.
I take into account that the other day the size of two or three years, the cue ball should go to growth.
I sum up
with 1000 bucks getting cheaper you can get with 3 deals 39 bucks
this is a yield of 3.99%

In summary, always buy bucks, have a pillow in euros, and don’t have rubles at all. (Even if you bugger for 28 rubles, don’t believe it’s a lot of money)
Why don't you have rubles?
Yes, because you won’t earn anything from them.

You will not earn, because there is nothing to analyze the insider market of three people.

take off your last pants
and give it to Gref.
He will put them on himself and will flaunt all in white ... the treasurer of Leningrad