June 14, 2021

Oton audience monetization system: learning platform

First there was a word, and that word was education.

Initially, the Oton system was created in the form learning platforms.Now the system has grown significantly and has reached the scale of an ecosystem capable of digitizing and monetizing any audience, company or service. The training platform has also changed: it has become more technological and migrated to Telegram.

Oton and the learning platform

Otho (from the English.Optimal Trade Over Network) is an audience monetization system that, like social networks, uses a single account, but differs in that it has an unlimited number of entry points.

In the figurative expression of the project managerAnatolia Ille, Oton sets himself the ambitious task of “digitizing the whole world on the blockchain”. This means that the system is built as a business network that goes beyond the simple sum of its constituent enterprises, products, portals, manufacturers and consumers. A unified identification platform and a referral system allow all system participants to profit from each other's activities.

Every Oton client hasthe ability to share a link to the platform or product that he is using at the moment. This will allow him to receive profit from the activities of a new participant in the system, regardless of which platform this activity is associated with.

For example, a blogger integrating his audience intoOton, can recommend a learning platform, and a client of a learning portal can recommend a trading platform product - and all these people will be bound by a common profit and mutual interest.

Thus, Oton is a business network withmany possibilities and entry points. One of these entry points is the training platform implemented in the form of a Telegram bot. Anatoly Ille explained the choice of this technology succinctly and clearly:

"The new people who will come after us will study right in the phones."

This is an educational bot dedicated to financial freedom called OneDolarBaby.

OneDolarBaby as a path to financial freedom

OneDolarBaby is an online education platform,which contains the quintessence of 1000 bestsellers dedicated to material well-being and financial freedom. The platform allows you to spend no more than ten minutes per lesson at any time, anywhere and receive information in text or audio form.

Standard education does not pay enoughattention to the basics of financial literacy. This leads people to behave recklessly and end up in a web of loans. OneDolarBaby changes the attitude towards money, teaches how to deal with money when it is, and what to do in order to have it.

But this is only the outer side of the matter, the real diamond is inside.

OneDolarBaby is different from other financial schoolsliteracy. She does not give trivial advice to improve professional qualifications that give access to higher-paying jobs. The platform offers to rely on passive sources of income that do not depend on a person's personal time.

Dmitry Semenov, CEO of OneDolarBaby, explains:

"This is a product for those who have decided to become financially independent and are now choosing the tools that can help them in this."

The learning platform puts the user inthe information field of financial literacy, but the knowledge gained does not in itself turn into life-changing skills. The head of the company described how OneDolarBaby overcomes this barrier:

“We have done not just a service for the rightfinancial thinking, and immediately integrated a tool into it that helps to multiply income. It's like in the well-known phrase about a fishing rod and a fish: if you give a man a fish, he will be full for one day, if you give a fishing rod, he will be full all his life. OneDolarBaby not only gives you such a rod, but also teaches you how to fish. "

From the point of view of OneDolarBaby, such a "fishing rod"is affiliate marketing. The service provides a fundamental understanding of viral promotion and explains why not all network companies are multi-tiered, and why not every partner company is networked.

Digital Marketing is integrated into OneDolarBaby,which allows the user not only to recoup the training costs, but also to start earning. This is facilitated by new technologies - the service works within the framework of the Telegram messenger, which is installed by default on the smartphones of most users.

The Internet inside the messenger allowedto concentrate in one place the training platform and its accompanying infrastructure, including payment services, personal accounts, operational and accounting support and integration with partner companies.

Integration of OneDolarBaby with the Oton ecosystem

Dmitry Semyonov speaks warmly of Othon:

“For me, Oton is a leader in aesthetics andthe purity of the affiliate network, which managed to unite people who came not to make money, but to become part of the community. We don't have many companies in Russia that have built very strong communities of adherents. And Otho built it. "

It is not surprising that the head of the traininga platform that offers affiliate marketing as a tool to achieve personal financial freedom, Oton views as a community of devotees. This circumstance reveals the innovative nature of the ecosystem: it is not built around one product, as any network company does, but rather builds products around itself.

Otho has many faces.It can act as an affiliate network for a digital marketing professional, as a marketplace for a product manufacturer or reseller, and even as a social network for a commercial blogger or online service.

So what does integration into Otho give, which allows Otho to “digitize the whole world”? The answer is simple: blockchain.

This buzzword is inscribed on the gates of Otho.for the sake of beauty. Blockchain guarantees impartiality, immunity from censorship and manipulation, and decentralization of governance. All actions in the system are performed not by a person, but by a time-tested program (smart contract) and are permanently recorded in a distributed registry, which means they cannot be canceled. This guarantees reliability, transparency and security.

Otho is a place of work behind whichfuture. But this future is not somewhere ahead, it exists here and now. This is a system that allows everyone to make money from an audience through sales. This audience lives in a world with its own accounting and distribution platform as well as an internal blockchain-based economy. It is a safe and self-sufficient world, where every inhabitant is not a competitor, but an employee, whose career finale will be high passive income and a solid pension.

And you can start this career very simply - through the OneDolarBaby financial literacy portal.


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