September 26, 2021

Oppos: Almost 30% of the credits were invested in cryptocurrency

According to the study of the start-up in the field of financial technology Hardbacon, almost every third canade put the means into digital assets. However, most of the citizens are secured by their investments in cryptocurrency, since only 5% of them consider it a safe tool.

28% of surveyors answered that they had already purchaseddigital assets. Despite the high percentage, most of the inhabitants of Canada do not consider the investment of funds in virtual currencies as a safe strategy. 21% believe that buying shares is safer, and 65% are sure that government bonds are the safest option.

It is interesting that investments in the so-calledCineplex, AMC and GameStop memes are a growing trend among the canals, since 1Z, 3% of the participants shared that they diversified with their help with their own portfolio. This behavior was demonstrated by investors in the age from 25 to 44 years.

However, Hardbacon thinks that the purchase of these shares can be quite risky, since their prices are often fed by social networks and, it is so, very unbelievable

Another study showed that residents of the second largest country by land size significantly increased their interest in digital assets over the past year.

According to the data, after the last 12 months 20 78Zout of 100,000 people googled by the word "cryptocurrency". Despite the fact that this figure may seem small, it reflects the increased interest by 213% per year. The United States, which is considered the country that is most adapted to the cryptocurrency, is out of 14 796 analogous requests in the largest search system.

It is worth noting that there is a large number of people in Canadacryptocurrency banks - 1464, according to this indicator, the country will be sold only to the States. It turns out that every 26,265 people get one cryptomat. Considering the huge size of the country, one such device is available for every 2.6 ЗЗ square miles.