June 18, 2024

Opinion: the launch of Gram and Libra will not significantly affect the growth of fraudulent schemes

Russian experts do not share the point of view of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which expects a surge in fraud afterlaunch digital currencies from Telegram and Facebook. Earlier, a similar idea was expressed by the director of the department for counteracting unfair practices of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Valery Lyakh.

He pointed out that young people interested in investment projects could become the most vulnerable to scammers.

«Everything suggests that, probably,In the near future, we can expect a certain surge in fraudulent offers of pseudo-cryptocurrencies. If Telegram and Facebook enter the market with their own currencies, then, most likely, scammers will actively offer their pre-cryptocurrencies under the guise of Gram and Libra.— said Valery Lyakh.

According to the official representative of the Binance bitcoin exchange in Russia, Gleb Kostarev, cryptocurrencies are the same tool for scammers as SMS, phone calls, email or social networks.

«The role of cryptocurrencies should not be exaggerated,Fraudsters will always try to use new technologies for their own purposes. It is important here that regulators and law enforcement agencies respond promptly to the emergence of new schemes, and users always remember the precautions»,— he stated in a comment to ForkLog.

Attempts to fraudulently enrich themselves in generalinherent in economic turnover, says Yuri Brisov, member of the Commission for the Legal Support of the Digital Economy of the Moscow branch of the Russian Bar Association.

«In a sense, scammers helpprotection systems will also develop. It is to combat fraud that cryptocurrencies appeared - a system of mutual settlements that does not allow deception, makes it difficult to steal or extort, and potentially even contains mechanisms for protecting against defaults, inflation, martial law and many other economic and political influences to which currencies are exposed. ;,— the expert notes.

Brisov also recalled that a high threshold for entering the initial coin offer from Telegram and Libra cuts off the potential participation of ordinary citizens and fraudsters in particular.

«You can blame Bitcoin for being scammersthey sell its plastic counterpart on the street. And you can evaluate the effectiveness of the fraud protection mechanisms that Bitcoin offers. In this regard, both the tokens of the projects under discussion and any well-known cryptocurrencies protect turnover from fraud much more effectively than fiat currencies, certificated and uncertificated securities or any other traditional investment products»— the expert emphasized.

Recall, in April 2018, researchersKaspersky Labs discovered dozens of fake web pages offering to purchase Gram tokens ahead of the Telegram Open Network ICO project. In total, scammers stole more than $ 35 thousand.