June 19, 2024

Opinion: Bitcoin ensured “democratization of savings”

Bitcoin is a store of value accessible to all, which will help millions of people get rid ofdebts. This opinion was expressed by Adaptive Capital analyst Misir Makhmudov.


According to him, before the advent of cryptocurrency, real means of saving, such as real estate, stocks and others, were available only to the rich.

Bitcoin makes it possible to maintain savings without the financial and regulatory barriers associated with such assets.

&#171;Currently, you can save satoshis and store your wealth in the most scarce asset. The ability to save money in Bitcoin will take millions of people out of debt.- said Makhmudov.

The leading cryptocurrency has been compared more than once with such a traditional means of saving as gold. This was even spoken by the chairman of the US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell.

Earlier, entrepreneur and billionaire Mark Cuban noted the limited issue of cryptocurrency as the advantage of bitcoin over gold.