December 8, 2023

Opinion: a typical investment portfolio will include tokenized assets

Tokenized assets are changing approaches to creating investment portfolios, says digital directorproducts and development of the American holding State Street Jay Biancamano. It is reported by The Block.

According to him, the possibility of asset tokenization will allow investors to easily include less liquid assets, such as real estate, intellectual property and art objects, in their portfolios.

Currently, investor portfolios consist mainly of stocks, bonds and currencies. However, thanks to tokenization in five years, the typical set of assets will differ markedly.

“If you are at the forefront of this, you can find ways to provide new products and services”- emphasized Biancamano.

State Street Corporation is the second oldest ofcurrent US banks. The main component of the company, State Street Bank, is one of 29 global systemically important banks and is part of the Federal Reserve System. A subsidiary of State Street Global Advisors is one of the largest investment companies in the world in terms of assets under management.

Earlier, ForkLog announced the intention of a Harbor startup to tokenize shares of real estate investment funds by $ 100 million.