February 5, 2023

Opera Added Bitcoin Support to Android Browser Version

Advanced features have been added to the Opera browser version for Android that allow payments to be made in Bitcoin directly from the integrated digital wallet.

Browser users will also be able to work withdecentralized applications on the Tron network. Charles Hamel, head of cryptocurrency operations at Opera, said that the new functionality will significantly expand the capabilities for 300 million browser users.

“Most people have heard about Bitcoin, and therefore we thought it important to support it and make this payment function available to a large group of people,” Hamel said.

Of the five largest browsers, among whichChrome, Safari, Samsung Internet and UC Browser, Opera is the only product that supports digital wallet integration. Hamel also said that the new version of the application is optimized for the future implementation of Web 3.0.

At the same time, he noted that adding bitcoin was a problem, both because of its significant differences from other cryptocurrencies supported by the browser, and because of the options for its use.

“Bitcoin is a completely different beast that needs its own infrastructure and payment-oriented use case.”

In July, the beta version of Opera mobile browserfor Android, support for BTC, TRX and TRC-10 tokens was added. In May, Opera added TRX and TRC-10 tokens to the desktop version of the browser, which it launched a month earlier.