November 30, 2023

once again fundamental cue ball analysis

In October 17, I already wrote a fundamental analysis of the cue ball, for example here
let's see whathas changed since then and supplement, if briefly, the fair value then I estimated at 15k per cue ball, and today it is already 60 + k.
So we hold on, we buy more, we take everything out of the overbought shaggy gold.

Everything happens too simply, all the indicatorsblockchain continues to grow, and it’s good to grow, hashrate, and the number of new users. Mentions on the Internet, when you type in something related to trading, investments and stocks, even without crypto, there are already a lot of links with crypto in the top.
The main thing I want to draw attention to isnumber of exchanges and their trading volume. The number of exchanges is phenomenal, and this is even though in many countries they are prohibited and banks do not welcome transfers related to crypto. Trading volume is growing steadily, despite the falling exchange rate.

I rarely saw articles about the relationship between trading volumes and capitalization and the comparison of stocks and crypts, and so here's my point of view.
Obviously, large-cap stocks have the highest trading volumes.
Bitcoin trading volume per day is approximately 5 timesless than the entire capitalization of the cue ball. This is a lot, this is a very large volume, or a very small capitalization relative to the volume. And this is very attractive for big money that needs liquidity.
Let's take a list of all exchanges and their trading volume and capitalization
Usually everywhere the monthly volume is 10 times lower than the cap.
It turns out that the difference with the cue ball is about 40 times and the cue ball should cost 40 times more?
HZ, I think that the volumes on crypto exchanges are largely fake and it’s not entirely correct to compare them.
But when the difference is 40 times, then there is definitely room for growth, plus the trend towards increasing volumes in the crypt continues.

For more than 2 years, the main indicators of the cryptaccording to rough estimates, they have grown 4 times, so I expect that the cost can also be 4 times higher since then. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that the growth will be in the cue ball and not in another crypto, but I think the cue ball with its forks will fall over too.
So we’re waiting for 60k per cue ball to secure a piece and use it to make a comeback to the bots for a couple of years, and then we’ll buy 20k each and wait for the next native.