May 27, 2023

On an electric vehicle, Tesla was able to launch a full-fledged BTC-node

On an electric vehicle, Tesla was able to launch a full-fledged BTC-node

Recently, users of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC) made an attempt to use the Tesla electric car as full BTC-nodes, and they succeeded.

Electric cars and digital currency are usually notare considered things that have something in common, but nevertheless similar features are present. These are new technologies that can make the world a better place, so they are gaining popularity around the world.

However, according to the video posted here, participants in the bitcoin community were able to establish even deeper connections between these things.

The video shows that Tesla cars canused to work with bitcoin. Cryptocurrency fans used the on-board computer system of the car to turn the electric car into a full-fledged Bitcoin node.

Oddly enough, the attempt failed, its success wasprovided by a project called Bcoin. Its supporters are looking for an alternative implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, which can be used to launch a node on any device. As a result, a whole machine appeared on the Bitcoin network for a short time, helping to manage the world's largest digital currency.

Of course, despite the fact that it was uniqueThe way to present the Bcoin project, as well as the capabilities of Tesla, launching a bitcoin node through a Tesla car, is probably not a good idea. As many already know, it takes a lot of resources to run a bitcoin node, including processing power.

Not to mention that a computer thatused to run a node, it must load and process bitcoin blockchain data, which may interfere with the operation of the user interface on the car computer. And it is quite dangerous.

In addition, Tesla's car memory modules are alreadyThey are known for their problematic nature due to limited read / write cycles, and using the machine to operate blockchain nodes can interfere even more. However, according to the developers of Bcoin, they are familiar with these problems. In fact, their site even has a warning that states:

“The function will use a large range of operating frequencies, a processor, and possibly disk space.”

In other words, they did not seek to launch a new automobile node for a long time, but only aimed to record a video and prove to the whole world that this is possible.

This is not the first transformation of the car into a Bitcoin node, in addition, an experiment was conducted that showed that Raspberry Pi single-board computers are pretty good at synchronizing with the blockchain.

So far, Elon Musk has not shared his thoughts on this experiment, before that he called bitcoin “a pretty wonderful thing.”