November 29, 2023

OKChain test network is already available for users

OKChain test network is already available for users

The OKEx cryptocurrency exchange launched its own blockchain called OKChain and opened on itdecentralized exchange.

The official statement states that starting fromToday, users will be able to connect to the OKChain test network. The native token of the network will be OKT, and its emission will be fully distributed among OKB holders. According to the statement, the two tokens will soon be fully interoperable. 

In addition, the company launched on the new blockchaindecentralized exchange OKEx DEx. According to the developers, in comparison with centralized exchangers, OKEx DEx is more transparent, safe and efficient.

OKChain users will be able to create their ownvarious applications, including native DEx and DeFi. In addition, the network will work with smart contracts. In the future, the OKB token and the USDK stablecoin will be transferred to the blockchain. 

The company invites everyone to test the new blockchain, and also promises testers a reward in OKT tokens. 

Recall that at the end of last month, the Binance and OKEx exchanges announced a reduction in fees for the withdrawal of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens.