September 22, 2023

Oh YouTube now began to show me crypto millionaires ...

I thought that I didn’t have enough stocks, and decided that I needed to immerse myself in the crypto world ... It’s strange, of course, maybe YouTube does it not consciously, but why is it allthe proposals are united to me by some kind of sad beginning, let's call it that, in that cry that he doesn’t shove the guys to me where everything is great, slowly, little by little, they earned like 100 million, no! The stories are all sad in their essence, just some so far at the initial stage and the guys just have to find out how and by how much stocks can fall, what will even lay their ears! (We are talking about the guys from the Tinka gang who sell slag) I just remember these emotions falls, when the hair slowly stands on end, and so, my shares there fell by 5-10% ... Maybe they are, of course, super smart and they have stops, but I think that they are very unlikely! They came to earn every day, who for how much, who is 2% who is 1% who is 7% from where do these figures come from? Yes xs, they just want it! Well, so... We are watching a crypto video... Maybe it will beat off on YouTube? As I understand it, the height of success on YouTube is when they offer to advertise sports betting! This is a straight jackpot and then you can do nothing! Okay, I won’t torment ... here it is the video!