June 9, 2023

OFFTOP | New Trading Advisor Very Good Competitor to Others

Introducing the new Hydra Trading Robot.

Robot grid + locker. Works on trend using author indicator and protection filters, they confirm or reject the signal.
Repeatedly tested on difficult crisis periods. Nowhere is leaked, it is guaranteed to call it breakeven.

It has 3 types of settings for which it trades: conservative, standard, and aggressive
Types of sets:

Conservative - 12-18% per month (starting sets for beginners)
Standard - 15-25% per month (after training we put them)
Aggressive - 20-50% per month (for everyone who wants adventure, these sets are just right)

We connect with a certified trusted broker Roboforex
Installing the robot on a remote server for round-the-clock trading.

The robot is protected from draining by a locking systemorders, it has 6 systems for each pair, which are configured in such a way that they help each other to get out of drawdowns, like the heads of Hydra (from mythology).
Multilevel protection against hacking the robot, guarantees its reliability.

It is bought and given for life, just the sameUpdates will come and be given free of charge. When you purchase, training on robot will be connected for free, and the basics of Forex trading, as well as always in touch on any issue round-the-clock technical support. I'm on vkontakte link

Powered by 6 pairs. Limit on the number of open orders.
Information https://tg1.me/gydrarobobot


in this test it’s only 1 pair, but we still have 5 pairs, and thanks to these pairs the robot will get out of this drawdown very quickly

http: // <a href= chosenhttps://drive.google... 3cegAq7A9T</a>

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