February 1, 2023

OFFTOP | My main mistakes in Investing / TOP Errors of Vitaliy Sergienko / Errors of a novice investor

In this video we will talk about my main mistakes in investing, I would like to share my mistakes that you do not step on my "rake", and do not lose money when investing:

- Lack of understanding of where I invest, not understanding of risk

- High expectations, excessive faith in the strengths of other people

- Greed: search for returns above 50% (example with a loan at 5% per month)

- Bet on 1 project (strategy, idea, person) - lack of diversification

- Adding capital to a losing position

- Short investments: 2-3 months. - “let it flow”

- Lack of payment "B"

- Excessive diversification - somewhere we earn, but somewhere we immediately lose

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