January 31, 2023

OFFTOP | How my friend became a traveling king when he began to earn half a million rubles a month

Hello everyone, dear inhabitants of Smart-Lab.
I have a friend Roman, who constantly ached that he doesn’t have money that his wife left him.
Although everything was fine with them before, he had a big business - several stores selling building materials, his wife constantly traveled throughout Europe. He felt like chocolate.
But there came a time when they came to his marketmajor players and his business fell into a deep hole, he remained owed large sums to banks. Accordingly, they all copied to his wife and officially divorced. Of course, Romka did not even suspect that an even deeper “w ... pa” awaited him. A couple of years later, his wife left him, leaving Roman with nothing but an apartment, a car, money, but with big debts.
His mother came to the rescue, who sheltered him in her spacious kitchen in the Stalin apartment.
I recommended Roman to earn money through the Internet on various freelance exchanges.
At first, he even began to make money on it, took orders for calls in various companies. But it soon bothered him. It’s not easy to do what gives you discomfort.
Later, he began to trade forex, he did well. But all that he earned, immediately drank.
Time passed, mother bought him an apartment in a mortgage, for which she herself paid, because the son rolled downhill.
But 3 years after the divorce, Roman dug upa gold mine, which already now brings him daily 15,000 rubles (almost half a million rubles per month). Romka began to arbitrate cryptocurrency exchanges. The project is called L7 Trade. I think many have heard of him. I had a double opinion about him, because information on YouTube about this resource is a huge amount. Someone praises him, who scolds and calls him another sucker, hype. What do you think of this? Write in the comments. Your opinion is very important to me, because I brought there about $ 100 and I think it can go to the whole patty.
Another thing that worries me is that it has changedpsychological state of the novel. He did not drink less. On the contrary, more, but only switched to more expensive things - wine, cognac, whiskey. And he began to relate to his surroundings just like a pig. We are now for him beggars and his potential servants, and he see the KING. That's how it is when people spoil money. Let's see what will happen when his source of income may be hidden, and once again he will lose everything that he has.
Well, I decided to develop a theme on a smart contract.Million Money. If you want to join our team, welcome. Moreover, we have built a whole system of how to build this business very quickly easily and almost automatically. Here is a link to training.
Thank you for reading to the end. Share your opinion in the comments. I will be very pleased. Until we meet again. Good luck to you!