May 13, 2021

Norwegian salmon producer Kvarøy Arctic joins IBM Food Trust blockchain platform

Norwegian salmon producer Kvarøy Arctic joins IBM Food Trust blockchain platform to boost supply chain transparency and the prevention of fraud in the seafood industry.

Norwegian farm-grown producerKvarøy Arctic has joined the ranks of companies joining the IBM Food Trust, a blockchain-based supply chain tracking platform. Kvarøy Arctic supplies Whole Foods restaurants and retail stores in the US and Canada.

Now the company will use blockchain toproviding consumers with detailed information about the origin of their products. IBM Food Trust CEO Raj Rao called the partnership “an important step in promoting transparency and responsible production in seafood supply chains.”

Kvarøy Arctic customers can use a QR codeaccess comprehensive information and images detailing salmon production conditions, including age of fish, date of harvest, and information about the product’s delivery route from the farm to the supermarket.

Salmon producer also works with supplierBioMar feed to add the data of its supply chain to the project. Kvarøy Arctic reports a sharp increase in demand for fresh seafood in the United States over the past three months - deliveries are twice the expected volume.

IBM Food Trust spokeswoman Espen Braathe said premium products are much more likely to be scammed than other consumer products.

“When the demand for premium foods grows, the benefits of fraud also increase,” he said.

Study published by environmentalOceana, a nonprofit organization, found that a third of all seafood in the United States is mislabeled, resulting in consumers often paying a high price for low-quality products.

“Blockchain is the future when it comes tostopping fraud in the seafood industry, ”said Kvarøy Arctic CEO Alf-Gøran Knutsen. “Technology provides the necessary level of detail in supply chain tracking that helps us reduce the amount of food waste.”

In April, it became known that the “fruit giant”By 2025, the Dole Food Company will launch an supply chain tracking system on the IBM blockchain for agricultural products. In the same month, Nestlé and the nonprofit Rainforest Alliance announced they were using the IBM Food Trust blockchain platform to track Zoegas coffee supply chains.