May 13, 2021

Norwegian billionaire invests in bitcoin

Norwegian billionaire invests in bitcoin

Kjell Inge Rokke is confident that "the price of bitcoin in the future may reach a million dollars."

Company billionaire Aker ASA on Monday announced the opening of a new business Seetee AS, which will deal with investments in cryptocurrency.

Aker ASA is a listed company on the Oslo Stock Exchange. 67% of the shares are controlled by Kjell Rokke through TRH Holding.

Initially, the company will invest 500 million kroons (about $ 59 million) in the crypto market. According to Roccke, “the size of investments will increase significantly in the future”.

In a statement, the billionaire said:

We will use Bitcoin as a reserve asset.In the language of crypto enthusiasts, we will become hodlers. Bitcoin could drop to zero. But it can also become the backbone of the financial system of the future. In this case, each bitcoin will be worth at least a million.

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