June 6, 2023

No kidding: on April 1, the law on the digital ruble will not be adopted

Remembering the famous Chernomyrdin “We wanted the best, but it turned out as always", Russian The State Duma decided not to artificiallyadjust the adoption of the long-awaited package of bills regulating the introduction and use of the digital national currency to the previously announced deadlines. Having objectively weighed the amount of comments and additions made, the experts came to the conclusion that the document would not be ready by April 1, and more time was needed to finalize it.

Official statement on the postponement of the adoption of the lawreceived from Anatoly Aksakov, head of the RF State Duma committee on the financial market. However, legislators are not going to shelve the document: work on the bill should be completed before the end of spring. "Yes, the bill was adopted only in the first reading.There were quite a few comments, they are not threatening, but still a lot of comments from the coordinating institutions. In early April, we will probably only consider all the amendments. In mid-April - early May, there may be an adoption "Aksakov said. Accordingly, along with the approval of the legislative framework, testing of the use of the digital ruble on real customers is automatically postponed to a later date.

Amendments to the second Duma reading shouldapply within the next two weeks - until April 14. In particular, they imply the formation of a clear structure of legal relations between the Central Bank, as an issuer responsible for the safety of digital rubles and the correct accounting of information on transactions, and participants in the digital ruble platform. Experts are confident that the adoption of a digital currency will give a new impetus to the development of the domestic DFA market. "The collapse of the global financial systemwill stimulate interest and movement in this direction on the part of issuers, investors, and the regulator, so in the second half of this year I expect a serious boom in digital topics, including in the financial market", - summed up the head of the Duma committee.

Recall that representatives of a largedomestic business predicted the imminent introduction of the digital ruble a year ago. In particular, the owner of Interros investment holding Vladimir Potanin predicted a great future for the digital national currency:The initiative to introduce the digital ruble will givean opportunity for the Bank of Russia, skeptical of cryptocurrencies, to promote new technologies without the risks associated with currencies such as bitcoin. With the development of tokens and the digital ruble, the cryptocurrency debate may become irrelevant. Today, regulators are afraid of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, because in fact it is an uncontrolled emission of currency. Whereas a digital asset or token is a contract: with it, a customer can receive a product or service in digital form using a blockchain, an online ledger that tracks and verifies every transaction. Coins were replaced by paper money, and then transactions became cashless. Digital financial assets are just the next step.”, - Vladimir Potanin noted earlier.