September 26, 2022

Nike will tokenize shoes with Ethereum

Nike will tokenize shoes with Ethereum

Nike received a patent for the Ethereum blockchain shoe tokenization system for authentication and sale.

The manufacturer intends to create uniqueidentifiers and issue tokens of the ERC721 or ERC1155 format for some sneakers. Buyers will be able to unlock these tokens by associating the shoes with the owner identifier, indicating ownership. In addition to digital rights, the token also allows you to record data about the product genotype, including specific attributes, colors, styles.

CryptoKick allows customers to take control shoes and its design. For example, the owner will be able to limit the number of replicas of his signature sneakers that can be produced.

The “surrogate” function is also providedmotherhood ”, giving others the right to combine and mix shoe designs and care conditions. In addition, ownership of each next generation can be tied to the original, real pair.

Many global brands use blockchain to authenticate products. Recently, the Italian automaker Lamborghini joined their number.