July 20, 2024

NiceHash co-founder Mathias Shkoryants faces up to 50 years in prison

NiceHash co-founder Mathias Shkoryants faces up to 50 years in prison

German Federal Police have arrested NiceHash co-founder Matthias Skorjanc. Man accused of internetfraud of millions of euros and could spend the next 50 years of his life in prison.

According to the local publication 24UR.com, the state department of the country confirmed information about the detention of a Slovenian citizen.

In early September, the US District Court for WesternDistrict of Washington began prosecuting an American, a Spaniard and two Slovenians for fraudulent activities. The defendants stole approximately $4.5 million from September 2008 to December 2013. They were charged with bank fraud, computer hacking, identity theft and blackmail.

Note that Matias Skoryants already hascriminal past. Back in 2011, US law enforcement requested the extradition of Škorjanec from Slovenia, who was later convicted in his homeland for selling malware called Mariposa. In 2015, the Maribor court sentenced the accused to four years and ten months in prison.

The name of Shkoryants is also associated with a major theft inmining service NiceHash, which occurred in December 2017. At that time, $60 million worth of BTC was stolen from NiceHash, and the total damage amounted to 4,700 BTC.

NiceHash platform resumed its work two weeks after the attack. At that time, the company announced that it would return all stolen funds to customers, and since then has gradually fulfilled its promise.

According to NiceHash representatives, the charges against Matias Shkoryants are not related to operations on their service.