October 22, 2020

NGRAVE zero Wallet - Innovative Cryptocurrency Wallet?

The hardware wallet, which we will talk about today, is being developed by NGRAVE. However, the Belgians not just thought about creating the maximuma reliable cryptocurrency wallet. Team representative Javier Hendrix lost 44,000 Ethereum coins due to a hack in 2017. At today's exchange rate, this is about $ 8.6 million. From here it is very easy to understand that the team's motivation is serious.

Crypto hardware wallets themselves workby analogy with a USB flash drive. With only one exception - such a wallet stores a private key, that is, the identifier of the asset owner. Any device, including ZERO, makes it impossible to use funds without physical possession of the wallet. But more than that, it can be used to make transactions. True, this technology is not yet available in our country.