July 25, 2021

New Zealand Police lost $ 45,000 in Bitcoin

New Zealand Police lost $ 45,000 in Bitcoin

The hackers, against whom the special operation was carried out, were able to steal about $ 45,000 in cryptocurrencies from detectives.

Law enforcement officers carried out a controlled purchase of a consignment of drugs for military-technical cooperation as part of an investigation into money laundering using cryptocurrency.

Participants of the special operation replenished the bitcoin walletin 2020. The funds were intended for the procurement of illegal goods and the capture of criminals "red-handed." However, during the operation, the hackers managed to gain access to the wallet and withdraw the cryptocurrency.

Law enforcers have not yet attacked the trailattackers, but believe that they acted from abroad. According to police, their "crime was part of a broader scam targeting bitcoin wallets."

Investigation into the incident continues.

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