December 4, 2021

New York schools can start learning cryptocurrencies

New York schools can start learning cryptocurrencies

New York authorities have started talking about introducing the study of cryptocurrencies in high schools. How developed today is teaching financial literacy on the crypto market, and what does this mean for investors?

New York Initiatives

Newly elected mayor of American New YorkEric Adams suggested studying cryptocurrencies in high schools He believes that by doing so, city educational institutions will be able to prepare a person who will be ready to keep up with the times for real life. According to Adams, a successful economy today cannot successfully develop qualitatively in isolation from the crypto market and blockchain technology. The New York mayor believes that young people today are not sufficiently aware of the crypto market, while cryptocurrencies are already quite successfully used as a means of payment in many countries of the world.

New York schools can start learning cryptocurrencies


This is not the first such speech by Adams.Even during his election campaign, he promised his voters to turn New York into the center of the blockchain industry and create an urban cryptocurrency. He also said that he was ready to receive a salary in bitcoins, as the mayor of another American city of Miami, Francis Suarez, had previously stated.

Not only schools

Of course, the idea of ​​introducing training in the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency market sounds rather innovative so far. Nevertheless, higher educational institutions today are already quite successfully doing this work.

According to a study by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase,conducted jointly with the research company Qriously, 28 of the world's 50 leading universities already have courses in the study of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in their programs. Moreover, this year the number of such programs has increased by 15% compared to last year.

A leader in cryptocurrency education,according to Coinbase representatives, is Cornell University. In general, American universities predominate in the top 10 world universities that have educational programs that teach the basics of the crypto market.

Of the 735 students surveyed Qriously, approximatelytwo-thirds are skeptical about the modern financial system and hungry for change. More than a third of them would like to study cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. And 82% of the universities indicated in the study have at least one student club in which students study the crypto market.

All this - both the statements of the mayor of New York, andinterest in cryptocurrencies on the part of university students indicates that digital currencies are attracting more and more attention of people as the money of the future. The government sees this trend and its most progressive representatives are trying to keep up with the times, and this actually means the recognition of the cryptocurrency.

Author: Dmitry Noskov - expert of the StormGain crypto exchange (platform for trading, exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies)

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