June 6, 2023

New York court decides to fine $ 13.8 million in bitcoin

New York court decides to fine $ 13.8 million in bitcoin

The relevant decision was made by the Supreme Court of New York. Trust represents those who have lost funds in the result of Ponzi schemes and wallet hacks. The defendant was the organization Bitcoin Voluntary Associations - according to the plaintiff's attorneys, “the same as the Bitcoin crypto enterprise”.

Decision made by court based on recognition of Frank M. Pohoul

He stated that he is a representative of the Bitcoin Voluntary Associations and the full Bitcoin node. In addition, Pohl pleaded guilty to a cryptocurrency network that owes $ 13.8 million to victims.

Trust attorneys intend to recover losses from miners and node operators.

“In their opinion, Bitcoin is an association that is controlled. Therefore, responsibility should be borne by everyone who manages the network and receives transaction fees. ”

Note that the representative of the trust of victims is a resident of New York Christopher Earl Strunk. Previously, he was held accountable for abuse of legal action.

In 2013, Strunk was fined $ 177 thousandfor trying to expel Barack Obama from the presidential election based on doubts about the candidate’s birthplace. The judge submitted the lawsuit filed by him as far-fetched, irrational and delusional.

Plaintiff's lawyers do not deny that Pohole and Strunkare familiar. This creates a conflict of interest. Fortune believes that any attempt to obtain by court order funds from bitcoin miners or someone else in New York and other jurisdictions will inevitably be easily reflected in court proceedings.

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