June 18, 2024

New Year's contest: predict the price of BTC on January 1, 2020!

On the eve of the New Year, BitNews together with HodlHodl are announcing a traditional New Year's competition with a giveawayelephants prizes.

Conditions of the competition

The competition is open to readersBitNews that registered an account on HodlHodl and created a prediction about what the BTC / USD exchange rate will be like on the Bitfinex exchange at 00:01, January 1, 2020 Moscow time.

Predictions can be created until 23:59, December 30, 2019. All predictions created later will not be taken into account when determining the winners.

The winners of the competition will be five readers who predicted the BTC / USD exchange rate on the Bitfinex exchange as closely as possible at 00:01, January 1, 2020 Moscow time.

BitNews will announce the winners by January 5, 2020. Will the winners receive prizes?

Instructions for participants

1.First of all, you need to register at hodlhodl.com — if you still haven’t decided to create an account there. After registration, your account allows you to access all HodlHodl services. Prizes for the winners will be credited to their accounts. Then, the winners can unconditionally withdraw the prizes from their accounts.

2. The competition is held on testnet HodlHodl. Running on testnet, and not on mainnet, avoids the situation when the prediction will be accepted by one of the traders as a dispute. This entails the need to raise funds to the site, and according to the conditions of the competition, the institution of funds by the participants of the competition is not required. In general, in order to avoid unwanted third-party effects, the competition is held on testnet.

3. Register an account on testnet with the same name as on mainnet.

4. Go to https://predictions.hhtestnet.com/, click «Add new offer».


5. Set the prediction parameters.


It is necessary to set the predicted BTC/USD rate, and also select an exchange &#8212; Bitfinex. The prediction time must be set according to UTC, that is -4 hours from Moscow:20:01, December 31, 2019.

6. Configure the contract. It is conditional, will not affect anything further, since the contract as such will not formally be accepted by any other participant.

Enter minimum values ​​in the fields&#171;Limitations on contract amounts&#187; and &#171;Offer Balance&#187;. In the field &#171;Deposit time window&#187; you need to specify the number of hours covering the time before the prediction is triggered. 2400 hours &#8212; enough.


Date and time in the &#171;Offer active until&#187; there is no need to change it, it must coincide with the time the prediction is triggered.

5. December 30, 2019 at 23:59 Moscow time, we record all the created predictions, from that moment the predictions are not accepted.

6. After the onset of 00:01 Moscow time on January 1, 2020, we determine and announce the list of winners, give them prizes.



BitNovosti.com Editorial and HodlHodl Team