November 29, 2022

New lithium-ion batteries withstand fast charging without degradation

New lithium-ion batteries withstand fast charging without degradation

Scientists have developed a new design of a lithium-ion battery for a car that allows it to accumulate 400 kW of energy in 10 minutes without compromising performance.

One of the main problems of electric vehicles istheir prolonged charge, and against the backdrop of the growth of their popularity, scientists began to actively seek ways to solve it. It is known that the process can be accelerated by increasing the temperature of the battery, but because of this, the anode can be coated with lithium metal, significantly reducing the service life.

However, researchers from state university Pennsylvania found that the problem is possibledecide if the battery will charge at 60 ° C and then discharge at a lower temperature. This allows not only to speed up the process, but also to avoid degradation.

To do this, they equipped a lithium-ion devicea nickel structure that warms up on its own in less than 30 seconds. During the experiments, they raised the temperature of the batteries to 40, 49, and 60 ° C and tested various cooling strategies to maintain a constant temperature, checking the performance with a control sample that was constantly operating at 20 ° C.

The team found that pre-heatedup to 60 ° C, the devices can withstand an extremely fast charging process for 1700 cycles, while the control device withstood only 60 cycles. They determined that lithium coating does not form when charged between 49 and 60 ° C. Researchers also noticed that the increased charging temperature reduced the cooling required to maintain the initial temperature of the cell.

Technology can be easily integrated into existingproduction, since modifications do not require internal changes, and nickel foil increases the cost of construction by 0.47%, but allows you to save on additional heating modules.

Recently, scientists from Skoltech have proposed another way to make batteries durable and fast charging.