March 4, 2021

New gene therapy method will help prolong life by 25%

New gene therapy method will help prolong life by 25%

Scientists have developed a new gene therapy that can reverse some of the effects of aging and dramatically increase life expectancy.

Biological team from the Chinese Academy of Sciencesstudied about 10 thousand genes and identified about 100, which are responsible for various factors of aging of body cells. In doing so, the researchers found that a gene called kat7 has the greatest influence on this process.

In the course of experiments on mice, scientists performed special therapy aimed at inactivating (suppressing) this gene in the liver of rodents.After 6-8 months, the subjects showed increased strength and had a better appearance, but most importantly, as a result, their average life expectancy increased by about 25%.

However, the researchers did not find anyside effects in mice; or signs of cellular toxicity. Despite the success, scientists say there is still a lot of work to be done before they can apply the new gene therapy to humans. The next step will be primate testing.

Recently, Japanese scientists have also found that a common blood pressure medicine, metolazone, can also prolong life by activating the mitochondrial repair mechanism in cells.