December 2, 2023

Nestlé, Carrefour, Walmart and other blockchain testing companies

Blockchain technology remains one of the hottest trends among financial, government andcommercial organizations all over the world. ForkLog magazine provides an overview of the most interesting initiatives of the past week.

Carrefour and Nestlé use blockchain to track baby food

Swiss multinational corporation and French retail giant Carrefour use IBM's Food Trust blockchain platform to track children's dairy products, according to a press release.

The platform provides buyers with information onorigin of products and their production processes. Carrefour representatives emphasized that by scanning the QR code on the package, the consumer receives full product information:

“Innovative blockchain technology sets new standards for transparency and service, ensuring product quality”

At first, the solution based on distributed registry technology will be applied to GUIGOZ brand products.

Canadian Walmart Delivers Supply Chain Solution

Where: Canada
In what area: logistics
Goal: increasing the transparency of tracking cargo deliveries, automating payments, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency
Who is involved: Walmart and blockchain startup DLT Labs
Technology used: DL Asset Track platform
Estimated implementation date: full-scale launch is planned for February 1, 2020
Source: press release

US financial holding Northern Trust is testing blockchain split bonds

Where: USA
In what area: corporate finance
Goal: increasing the transparency of the bond market; democratization of the high-rated debt market through tokenization
Who is involved: Northern Trust and Singaporean company BondEvalue
Technology used: Hyperledger Sawtooth
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Source: CoinDesk

HSBC and Singapore Exchange use blockchain to increase bond market transparency

Where: Singapore
In what area: corporate finance
Goal: increasing the efficiency of information exchange between financial institutions, accelerating the process of transactions, reducing costs and the number of errors
Who is involved: HSBC, Singapore Exchange, investment firm Temasek
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Source: CoinDesk

US logistics operator UPS and blockchain company HerdX tracked beef delivery from Kansas to Tokyo

Where: USA, Japan
In what area: food supply chain
Goal: increasing transparency of supply chains and food security
Who does it: United Parcel Service (UPS), HerdX
Technology used: blockchain platform from HerdX
Source: press release

Ant Financial began testing blockchain platform for small and medium-sized businesses

Where: China
In what area: infrastructure of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs)
Goal: support SMEs, reduce company costs
Who does it: Ant Financial (a division of Alibaba Group)
Technology used: Ant Blockchain Open Alliance
Estimated implementation date: early 2020.
Source: Sina Finance

VeChain platform receives approval from Chinese authorities to track tea shipments

Where: Shuangjiang Province of China
In what area: supply chain
Goal: increasing transparency of tea supply chains
Who does it: VeChain
Technology used: blockchain platform from VeChain
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Source: NewsLogical

US Department of Homeland Security allocates $ 200,000 to Digital Bazaar startup to create personal data management solution

Where: USA
In what area: personal data protection
Goal: ensuring the security of personal data
Who does it: US Department of Homeland Security, blockchain company Digital Bazaar
Technology used: platform from Digital Bazaar
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Source: press release

This week we also reported:

  • Chinese blockchain company OneConnect intends to raise $ 100 million through an IPO;
  • Huobi Bitcoin Exchange has posted the source code for the Huobi Chain blockchain focused on DeFi services;
  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore and JPMorgan have developed a blockchain prototype that allows payments to be made in different currencies on the same network.