April 23, 2024

National cryptocurrency of Russia, opinion of the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and experts

National cryptocurrency of Russia, opinion of the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and experts

Russian experts negatively assessed the statements made by the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira on October 10Nabiullina about the "national cryptocurrency."

Speaking at the Finopolis forum of innovative financial technologies in Sochi, Nabiullina stated that “the need to issue a national cryptocurrency is not obvious.” The head of the Central Bank explained:

“Not only for technological reasons, but alsotherefore, in order to really appreciate, and what is the advantage of the national digital currency, for example, compared with existing electronic non-cash payments. There are many risks, and the benefits may not be obvious enough. ”

Commenting on the statements of Nabiullina, economistYuri Pronko noted that the head of the Central Bank is refusing national cryptocurrency, because otherwise it would be impossible to keep Russian money abroad, for example, in gold and currency reserves, as is now done. Pronko believes that a national cryptocurrency could make spending budget funds absolutely transparent. He explained:

“All cryptocurrencies are colored. And when we hear constant talk about the fact that it is impossible to invest gold and foreign exchange reserves, because it will lead to inflation, so cryptocurrency, especially national, will allow, having “painted” this money, to spend it for its intended purpose on specific projects. This money cannot go anywhere else than to implement a specific project or plan. ”

But, in the opinion of Pronko, it seems that the Central Bank and the country's authorities have more ambitious goals, namely, not to allow spending the state budget on the development of Russia.

“We see this by the way gold and foreign exchange reserves are allocated. 80% of the gold reserves of Russia are located outside the country. Crypt will not allow them to do this. ”- said Pronko.

In turn, the candidate of economic sciencesAlexei Lapushkin believes that talking about the national cryptocurrency is designed to distract the country's inhabitants from real problems, in fact, the Central Bank should deal with the ruble and the refinancing rate.

Lapushkin noted that national cryptocurrencies haveother states are still in little demand. So, Venezuela has developed a similar project in connection with the introduction of international sanctions. Discussions about national cryptocurrencies are held in Turkey and Iran, in Sweden.

“But I believe that for us now the question of creatingits cryptocurrency is not entirely relevant, since it would be nice if Elvira Sahipzadovna figured out, first, the national currency and the monetary policy that is being pursued ”- said the economist.

According to Lapushkin, neither the introduction, nor the absence of the Russian cryptocurrency, most likely will not affect the Russian financial market and monetary policy.

"Therefore, I believe that, rather, we need nowdiscuss not about the introduction of cryptocurrency, but about lowering the refinancing rate and the change, respectively, of monetary policy. Because it seems to me that discussions about cryptocurrency are an attempt to divert in the direction of Nabiullina from the very specific, pressing, burning problems that the country faced yesterday. This is a reduction in interest rates and easing monetary policy. ”- summed up the expert.