February 6, 2023

National Cayman Bank hacker drain - what's interesting about cryptans?

Topic "Fascinating documents, most likely merged by Russian kulkhackers on the Hunter Memorial Library."
Part the first, in which, of course, we are interested in Bitfinex.

</strong>Letter dated November 20, 2014
Who is in correspondence: Euwyn Poon, now famous Singapore serial startup
[email protected]

Anita Gould-Davies, Development Manager, National Bank of Cayman Cayman (Isle of Man).
[email protected]
Direct line +44 (0) 1624 646944
Mobile +44 (0) 7624 270944

The bottom line:
Yuvin Pun writes a letter on behalf of his companyDelta Finacial (BTCDelta), where he asks to open a dollar bank account for his company, which is necessary for operations primarily with the withdrawal of client funds to fiat from Bitfinex through its technical equipment. In fact, Pun tried to organize a crypto-bank, with deposits in cue ball for customers. Previously, they discussed the topic of withdrawing funds directly from exchanges, but the bank was not ready to subscribe to volumes or to clients whose loot was planned to be withdrawn (which is logical in the light of the case of drug money laundering on Finike). But Pun was interested in the opportunity to drive and withdraw grandmothers of physicists through them with volumes of up to $ 25,000 at a time of 3-7 transactions per week. Accordingly, he was ready if the bank goes to a meeting to subscribe to any bank limits and requirements for customers and their dough.

Accordingly, the funds should be chased like this:
"Specifically, the funds flow would look as follows:
- Delta sells client’s BTC on their behalf on Bitfinex (or another major exchange) *
- Delta’s account at Cayman National receives USD wire from Bitfinex
- Delta sends out USD wire from Cayman National to client"

In general, BTCDelta was supposed to be a techie, and a techie needed an account and loyal conditions for KYC / AML, although Pun swore that customers would pass verification without problems.

In response, Anita brought up a question for discussion by the bank's board of directors, and he decided that it was somehow not easy to enter this history. "... we are unfortunately, we are unable to consideropening bank accounts for bitcoin operations or companies. Thus, it probably answers your questions below. However, we can open accounts for the use of day to day operational expenses of the company, and to hold company capital. This was the premise we made when we set up the account for Delta Financial"In general, if you do not come with the theme of crypto, then welcome.

No wonder crypto pads are sufferingthen they ran around the world in search of the most sloppy banks to open accounts, so that the money would drive from / to Bitfinex and others, even if they were leaked to the Caymans.

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Part two. Actors in the Bitfinex Case.

Letter dated September 11, 2014.
Letter dated September 17, 2014.

Rodolfo Fracassi
Managing and founder of Mainstreet Partners, an investment company and family office. The company is based in London, but consists almost entirely of Italians.
[email protected]

Enrico Danieletto
Mentioned as a member of the Bitfinex team, but italso CEO of investment firms PairsTech, based in London, but working, judging by the main language of the site and sponsorship projects, mainly for Italians. The staff consists mainly of Italians and Spaniards. The company also engaged in the organization of ICO. Previously, Danieleto was a member of a fraudulent scheme in another London investment company. Judging by a number of news, the FBI is on the wanted list.
[email protected]

By the way, one of the leading developers of Bitfinex as an exchange was another Italian living in London - Enrico Rubboli.

Adam Vaziri
CEO at Diacle, a consulting and legal cryptocurrency company. The company is also based in London. He is the CEO at BlockPass.
Mobile: +447896790287
Other Mobile: +447830657802
Skype: adam_vz

Lee Penrose
Top Manager Cayman National Bank
[email protected]

What is interesting in correspondence? Waziri writes to Lee Penrose on September 9:
"As discussed, Rodolfo and Enrico from Bitfinex will be on the Isle of Man next week on theevening of 17 Sept and all day on the 18 Sept. "It would be good if you guys could arrange to meet to discuss possible banking arrangements for Bitfinex on the Island."
I.e Fracassi and Danieletto were introduced to the island banker as top managers of Bitfinex. The conversation naturally went on opening bank accounts for Phenicia.

Penrose replies that he is waiting for the opportunity to chat on the topic eagerly:
"Dear Rodolfo, Thanks for your email. I very much look forward to meeting with you next week to explore how Cayman National can assist Bitfinex on the Island. I will also be attending the Crypto Valley Conference on 17th and 18th. It appears that the day’s presentations will take place in the morning on 18th after which there is a tour of the Island for delegates. "I am not sure if you intend to go with the tour but I could meet you either at or after the networking lunch which is scheduled to finish at 2.30pm."

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