January 27, 2023

Nassim Taleb: “Bitcoin wins in comparison with state currencies”

Well-known American economist and trader Nassim Taleb (Nassim Taleb) remains optimistic about cryptocurrencies and believes that Bitcoin “wins” in comparison with state currencies.

Taleb said that citizens of some countries,for example, Lebanon, they “lost faith” in state banking systems, so no one should ignore cryptocurrencies, as well as the history of bitcoin and blockchain.

“I understand that Lebanon is now in a tough situationmonetary control, but the government cannot control bitcoin. This is good because people do not believe in the Central Bank and its capabilities. This leads to the pyramid effect, but Bitcoin does not have such an effect, ”said Taleb.

According to him, Bitcoin “wins” in comparison with state currencies, and the existence of cryptocurrencies not controlled by governments is “wonderful”.

“I am very glad that we have cryptocurrencies. Of course, there are enough scammers and pyramids in this industry, but when you see governments like Lebanon that launch state pyramidal schemes, you can decide for yourself what’s better, ”said Taleb.

At the end of October, Taleb expressed the opinion that the suspension of banks in Lebanon could mark the imminent transition of citizens to the use of cryptocurrencies.