October 19, 2021

My portfolio in cryptocurrencies

Above is my crypto asset allocation for today. I made my first purchase of bitcoin in 2014 (sadly known today on the Btc-e exchange), but the main part was invested in the spring of 2017.
My portfolio in cryptocurrencies

Then he actively participated in the ICO (it's like an IPO, only in a crypt). A couple of years ago, I just started holding like I keep ETF - for a long time.

The cue ball takes the lion's share, the Ether is smaller. XTZ and TOMO are still from the ICO. Projects from the Russian Federation - Waves and Minter, and a drop of NEO and BTS. The distribution has not changed for a couple of years.

In general, a crypt is another hemorrhoid.You need to check for yourself whether you are doing everything right, it is always dumb to buy / sell, suddenly something goes wrong, you send it to the wrong address, or the wrong amount. Passwords and seed phrases that can be lost or forgotten, and then no one can return your assets.

Despite all this, I consider it reasonable to keep up to 5-10% of high-risk instruments in my portfolio, so I began to understand this several years ago in order to live well in retirement

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