September 26, 2021

My financial plan for 10 years. He began to conduct it in 2017.

Greetings colleagues!
I decided to share my financial plan.
Of course, in one post, tell about him just not real, but I will try.
There he is:
My financial plan for 10 years. He began to conduct it in 2017.

At the time of compilation, I had only 100,000 in capital (as I calculated the capital, I wrote down a separate vidos).
How is it possible that in 10 years we received 65 million rubles? Everything is very simple! Compound interest!
Of course, without it, it makes no sense to cost a financial plan, but there are still some difficulties in its implementation - this is the return on capital.
In my financial plan, it is 20% (of course, someone will say that this is a lot or a little, but it can be done).
There is another problem - how much you can save.
There is a rule: expenses always exceed income.
It was very difficult for me to save money, because just in 2017 I had a financial crisis. Of course, now I remember this time with a smile, then it was not funny for me (((
So, I managed to save as much money as possible in capital and now contributions reach up to 70% of my earnings.
I am successfully fulfilling the financial plan, but I have calculated it until 2040 (as you understand, the numbers are already serious there).
Of course, many will say: My friend, 10 years is unrealistic! Yes, I agree with them in full, but I remember how I graduated from the 11th grade - it was like yesterday.
For more details about the financial plan, I recorded a video, I think whoever does not have it yet will be interesting to watch

Do you have a financial plan? Or is it all nonsense? I will look forward to your comments.
And today that's all for me. See you in the next post ...