September 19, 2021

Morgan Stanley to create a cryptanalytics division

The launch of the new structure signals recognition of the growing importance of digital assets in global markets, noted in an investment bank.

Investment bank Morgan Stanley will create a newa unit that will do analytical research in the field of digital assets and study how they affect the markets for stocks and fixed income instruments, according to Bloomberg. Morgan Stanley noted that the creation of a structure for learning about cryptocurrencies signals the acceptance of cryptoassets.

"The launch of special research in the field of cryptocurrencies is a recognition of the growing importance of digital assets in the global markets," the investment bank said.

The unit's headquarters will be located inLondon. It will report to James Fawcett and Adam Wood, heads of financial technology and payments think tanks in the US and Europe. The unit will be headed by Sheena Shah.

In June, it became known that Morgan Stanley, together with digital asset management companies New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) and FS Investments, will create a Bitcoin fund for its clients.

Morgan Stanley became the first majoran American bank that allowed its clients to invest in cryptocurrency-based instruments. In the spring, the bank's clients gained access to three bitcoin funds.

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