February 4, 2023

Morgan Creek CEO recommends investing Bitcoin (BTC)

Morgan Creek CEO recommends investing Bitcoin (BTC)

Morgan Creek Fund CEO Mark Yusko believes that now is the time to resume the purchase of bitcoins. He made a corresponding statement at the site of the Digital Asset 2019 summit.

He emphasized that investors should abandon Amazon shares and increase investment in the first cryptocurrency.

Yusko said:

“We urge institutional investors to place at least 1% of their assets in bitcoin, as it is digital gold and even better than digital gold.”

According to the CEO of Morgan Creek, Bitcoin (BTC) goes through about the same development phases as Google did in its time, before staggering growth.

Hedge fund Morgan Creek back in 1996 invested indevelopment of the Google search engine, $ 5 million and earned $ 200 million on this investment. Then many investors were afraid to invest in technology companies and as a result lost a lot.

Yusko predicts that Bitcoin technology will improve, which will make the network more productive and secure.

Note that the recently co-founder of Morgan CreekAnthony Pompliano talked about the growing interest in bitcoin from institutional investors. He noted that large financial institutions are starting to switch to BTC, as they are already aware of the huge potential of this asset.