July 22, 2024

Montana's old power station will become a mining center

The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved a project to transform the power plant into aMontana is over 110 years old at a cryptocurrency mining center.

Officials noted that the power plant underThe name Old Rainbow has historical value and played a big role in the development of railways in Montana and the development of the mineral industry in the early 20th century. The power plant takes energy from the Missouri River. In 2009, in connection with the plans to build a new power plant, it was decided to redesign Old Rainbow or completely demolish it. She stopped activity in 2013.

The building will be transferred to a California companySusteen for cryptocurrency mining. The project notes that for this purpose it will not be necessary to demolish the walls or significantly reconstruct the object, which means that the historical value of Old Rainbow will be preserved. For the same purpose, the engine room, control room and the building environment will be preserved in the former power plant.

“The proposed data center is supported by the local committee on the new use of the power plant and will preserve the historical appearance of the building,” the document says.

Interestingly, Susteen has virtually noworked in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and only recently drew attention to these industries. It is also not yet known which cryptocurrencies will be mined in the future center, as well as the capacity of the equipment.

More recently, Bitmain, the cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer, has completed the construction of a major mining center in Rockdale, Texas. The power of the center will reach 50 MW.