April 23, 2024

Mongolian pastoralists will track wool supplies with blockchain

Blockchain startup Convergence.tech from Toronto successfully completed a pilot program that testedapplication for tracking wool supplies by Mongolian herders.

The project was created as part of the UN Development Program (UNDP) and is based on the platform for tracking goods Convergence.tech Backbone, developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to startup representatives, pastoralists inMongolia faces harsh working conditions and suffers from income instability. In addition, cashmere produced by Mongolian pastoralists is difficult to track - its supplies are opaque and consumers cannot always determine the authenticity and country of origin of the wool.

“Nomads have a strong sense of pride, but theysuffer from unsustainable and unstable income. Using the blockchain as part of the transformation of the cashmere industry can provide many benefits for both Mongolian pastoralists and consumers and sellers, ”said Convergence.tech CEO Chami Akmeemana.

To simplify the use of a startup platformdeveloped a mobile application for Android that will allow farmers to register bales with cashmere. They will house radio frequency identification tags to track wool supplies. The platform will track the entire life cycle of cashmere bales.

Recently, IBM, in collaboration with startup Farmer Connect, announced the development of a blockchain application for farmers, “Thank My Father,” which will track the supply chain of coffee and coffee beans.