October 1, 2022

Mission completed - Black Bitcoin-Friday project announces closure

Black Bitcoin Friday, one of the oldest initiatives in the cryptocurrency space, has announced its closing. According to the creator of the project, John Holkmkvist, the mission is fully completed, and the use of BTC for consumer payments no longer appeals to him personally.

"End of an era" - wrote John Holkmkvist.

In a statement on Bitcoinfriday.com, Holkmkvist explained that over the seven years of the project’s existence, he “stopped loving the use of bitcoin as a means of payment for consumers.”

In his opinion, the first cryptocurrency is primarily an investment and financial instrument.

“In both my career and personal views, I have moved away from using BTC as a new means of payment,” - said Holkmkvist.

He recalled that the project was launched with the aim ofdispel the image of bitcoin as a shadow market currency. In partnership with retailers, Holkmkvist organized the participation of coin owners in the traditional Black Friday sales day.

“With the realization that cryptocurrencies are widelycommon and almost well-known, the initial problems of bitcoin with the press are a thing of the past. I think that the initial mission of this site is very fulfilled. ” He emphasized.

However, Holkmkvist is not opposed to anyone else continuing the project and open to negotiations.

Recall that in 2012, the first “Black Bitcoin Friday” was attended by 50 retailers, and after two years their number increased to 600.