Jul 1, 2022

Ministry of Energy of Ukraine proposed the use of nuclear power plants for mining

The agency was instructed to study the possibility of mining cryptocurrency to provide additional markets electricity.

Ministry of Energy and the Environmentinstructed the state-owned enterprise Energoatom, the operator of all operating nuclear power plants, to study the possibility of cryptocurrency mining to provide additional electricity markets. Such an order Acting Minister of Energy Olga Buslavets published a deputy from the faction "Servant of the People" Geo Leros, writes TASS.

“To work through regulatory and technical issuesregarding the possibility of implementing cryptocurrency mining projects in order to provide additional markets for the electricity generated by nuclear power plants, ”the order says.

It became known earlier that illegalthe mining farm caused Rosseti damage of 118 million rubles. Equipment for the extraction of digital money was found at an abandoned poultry farm in the Novgorod region. The devices were found after checking electricity metering devices at the enterprise after a sharp increase in electricity consumption.